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Audio Rentals

We offer a solid JBL sound system that can provide crisp highs and deep bass at small to medium sized venues, and can also work as booth monitors at larger events. Along with the JBLs, we have a small Yamaha PA system with it's own 7 channel mixer.


If you don't need a full CDJ-2000NXS2 setup, the XDJ-RX2 is the next best thing. It has the same NXS2 software, combined with a 2 channel mixer, standalone capability, and 8 multi-functional beat pads. 

Item List:

  • Mains - 2x JBL EON615

  • Subs - 2x JBL EON618s

  • Console - 1x Pioneer XDJ-RX2

  • Small PA - Yamaha STAGEPAS 600i

Deals when bundled up.
Deals for longer term rentals
Contact us for pricing. 

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